Still can't get access to premium TP!

I’ve had a basic TP account for a while and just started a fascat program on it. Tried to get access to premium TP by purchasing an upgrade to premium with the fascat2019 code but it won’t take it; says it’s “expired”. What can I do? I’d really like to try premium so I can move the workouts around the calendar and see the advanced metrics. ???

You probably did but the code has an uppercase ‘F’ for Fascat2019

But also if you have already used a code it makes this one invalid.

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Thanks for the reply Jake; I tried it with the uppercase F and still didn’t work. I haven’t used one in the past, as far as I’m aware. I’ll try contacting TP customer service about it.

Hey again Jake… I emailed TP customer service and told them the Fascat2019 code isn’t working… this was their reply (below). Soooo… ???

Hi Suzanne,

Thanks for reaching out. I looked into this and can see that this code is no longer valid. I would reach out to FasCat directly and ask them if they have another coupon to provide you as the one provided in the email is no longer working.

I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Kind Regards,

Margie McParland
Customer Success Representative

Thanks for forwarding, we will look into it.

I have the promo down as:

Thanks Chad! I tried that code, and it only offered me 20% off a subscription, not a free trial month. Hmmmm…

Hello! the free month code is Fascat2019, I just used today.

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Thank you Jairo! :slight_smile: I just tried it again one more time and it worked like magic!!! :fireworks:

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I just bought a training plan and I can’t seem to get the trainingpeaks premium code to work. I’ve had an account for a while and when I choose to upgrade and put in the “Fastcat2019” code I get the message: “The coupon code that you entered is invalid for the product being purchased”. I choosed monthly subsciption. What am I doing wrong?

Answer: I wrote Fastcat instead of Fascat…

So if i bought two plans, and my premium TP has just expired; i’m only allowed to use the code once- and then my only option is to use the 20% off coupon?

Correct. Codes only work once a year no matter how many plans you purchase.

This post is old but the most relevant. If we are a coached athlete, how to we apply the discount to our TP account? My annual is about up this month.

Thank you!





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Also if you are a Chase or Catch level athlete, let your coach know to upgrade your TrainingPeaks to Premium