TrainingPeaks Codes for 2020

Trying to use the code I got in the email after I bought the plan to upgrade to the anuual plan in TP but I keep getting an error that the code is invalid for the plan selected. I copied the text from the email and pasted it into the coupon box so I’m pretty sure I got that part right.

Screen shot attached.

Should I take this up with training peaks? Thanks in advance…

I am also experiencing the same issue. Tried a couple of times to no avail.

Choose 1 month at checkout bc that is what the code is good for, only 1 month - not an entire year.

Thanks for the reply @FRANK.

I tried selecting the monthly option but that too said the code wasn’t valid:

I’m going to do the full annual but I thought you’d want to know about the coupon not working.

Hello, I emailed the folks at Training Peaks and they were able to upgrade my account for me.

Weird. I emailed them and they said they couldn’t find the code.

Hi Coach Frank,

Below is the offer in the welcome email. Just to clarify - does 20offFasCat2019 give you 20% off for the year or 1 month? I am interpreting it as an annual savings.


  1. Use the coupon code " FasCat2019 " to upgrade to your TrainingPeaks Premium account, free for 30-days.

If you’d like to extend your Premium upgrade, you can save 20% with code: “20offFasCat2019”. Note: you do not need TrainingPeaks Premium to continue your Training Plan.

Is there a new TP Premium upgrade code for 2020?
I selected “monthly”, entered “FasCat2019”, and the error message stated “This coupon code has expired.”


We are working on getting an updated code for 2020. I will post here when we have an updated one from TP.

Thanks for you patience.

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Hey All.

New codes for 2020 are:

FasCat20” for the 30 days premium.

2020FasCat” for 20% off premium.

Happy New Year!!


Is Training Peaks willing to credit the 20% or extend the duration if a plan is purchased after the renewal period? I renewed with Training Peaks 2/23/2020 and purchased a new plan 3/15/2020.

Thanks FasCats.

Hi there - I think you’ll have to reach out to TrainingPeaks customer service - we jus distribute the codes and can’t reverse charges. Sorry/ FtFP


I took advantage of the father’s day special to buy 2 more training plans. I completed the one I bought previously and have just imported the new plan into my training peaks calendar. I assume I get a 30 day premium subscription with each of my 2 new plans - how do I get the codes to implement that?


Hey Stephen,

Our collaboration we worked out with trainingpeaks is 30 day premium once per customer. But we do however have the 20% discount we can offer with code “2020FasCat”
As a reminder you do not need premium to use our plans but it is nice to have!


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Thanks. I was afraid that might be the case. As a suggestion, that should be clearer in your promo because as it stands it seems to say a 30 day free TP subscription with every training plan, or that was my interpretation.


Thanks for reaching out @stephen.schwartz and sorry for the confusion. We will adjust the wording on the website to make it more clear. I do want to mention though that if you use the 20% discount for TP’s annual plan, it comes out to around $8.50 a month. If you plan to use TP consistently, you cant get much better of a deal than that! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the response Lacey. I am aware of the 20% discount for the yearly membership. That said, one of the attractions for the Fascat plans was that I figured the overall cost would be lower because it was bundled with a month of Trainingpeaks pro. The fact that I was mislead makes the Fascat plan less attractive.


Hi Stephen - we strive to provide the best possible value as we can working with our partners as most they can support the plans.

We also offer a 100% $$ back guarantee if you are not satisfied. Would you like one?


Hey FasCats – Happy New Year!

We just got the updated TrainingPeaks codes for 2021. They are as follows:
21FasCat for 30 days of premium
FasCat20off for 20% off premium