Fall Setbacks help

I’m feeling very uncertain on what to do.
I had a big setback from illness and burnout August-September. October I was feeling more like myself on the bike and rode a bit more.
I had my highest ftp back in March, and now I’m at my lowest and my base is pretty much gone.

I keep questioning what plan is best.
I could do the 30 week off-season w/weights. I’ve done that the last 2 years and it’s great.
Or I could start sweet spot now since my base is so so low.
One of my favorite events is April 15. It’s non-competitive, but I was in amazing shape last year and I’d like to be in good form for it in ‘23.

My A event is Lotoja in September. So a long season. I’ve received tips from coach Jake about a break mid season.

I’ve had some great results from fascats over the last 2 years, but this is the first time I’ve regressed from setbacks and really uncertain on how to proceed.

Any tips or encouragement would be great!

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Why don’t you just ride your bike and see how you feel in a couple of months? I mean its only October.

go with what you know has gotten you into good form in the past Lindsay! You got this!


Following a plan @lindsay.marx will remove all uncertainly bc all you have to do is FtFP.

Get on the 30 week plan, work hard, ride fast, have fun and let the process work you back into shape.

It sounds simple because it really is :))

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Thank you Coach Frank and also jamesstevens. I got it on my calender and started foundations today. Feeling pretty excited to get some fitness back!

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there you go - one workout a day - ‘make it turn green’ !

I think the expression goes something like, ‘the hardest step is the first’

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stay after it and keep us posted on your progress @lindsay.marx!

@FRANK @jamesstevens
2 weeks in and I’m so happy to be back into structure and already seeing some strength & confidence creeping back in.
Todays 2 hour group ride was fun and my NP was the highest it’s been in months, yay! Saw some strong #’s even if I’m not able to sustain them quite as long. I feeling hopeful for ‘23 and I’m really enjoying my bike again.

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@lindsay.marx that’s so awesome to hear! keep up the great work and pushing through!

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FTP test last Monday, 2 watts shy of my best ever. I’m excited but right now I am battling some winter burnout, so I might decrease my hours until I can get outside more. My first B events don’t start until end of May, and my A event isn’t until the Fall.
@FRANK is winter burn out thing? This winter seems especially snowy and I’m betting others are feeling similar.