Thinking about racing again in '23, and that's why I'm asking

…about the sequence of plans I’m considering using.

Main Priorities: Local Sprint and Olympic Dist Tri’s during late May, June, July, Aug, early Sept.
Using Cycling Plans, adding a conservative running approach, and swimming a few times per week as drills/recovery/some volume in open water.

But, gonna prob join the buddies for Mt. Mitchell (May 22) century and maybe 6Gap (Sept 24(?)) century.

Presently in 16 Week Sweet Spot, ends around Feb 12.

After that off season work and a ez week or two, I was thinking about going into the 40k TT plan. I figure it will def do the pre’season work for oly tri’s and it will set the bar for pacing a big day like Mt. Mitchell…if I can drive that 100% up for the tri’s, then I can govern myself along at 70% for the 7-8 hr day in May.

Open to ridicule and ideas on that^^^

Then, I believe there’s an In Season Race/Recovery Plan which I was thinking I’d use to guide me thru the summer and early fall.

Call it a season after 6Gap, maybe Hincapie Greenville (early Oct), and rest up for a couple of weeks.

Haven’t signed up for any events in 5+ years and have never tried the race/recover/repeat so this should be interesting. Def have the desire right now. That mojo had been MIA for a while.

Any and all thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated!


Why not use tri-focused plans given that your goal events are triathlons?

Good question.

initially avoided the 30 wk off season tri plan because I was thinking I’d put all my tri eggs into one discipline.

But, now that u have me talking about it, I realize how that sounds.

Off season….

A: go big bike focus in the off season and do frequent short/ez runs and swims til early spring. Sounds like that takes me right up to race season.


B: go with the off season tri plan and just add some well timed big bike weekends to be ready for the late May century climbing Mt. Mitchell. Then, after, add on those shorter Fascat plans.

Can we switch plans mid stream?

Don’t switch plans!

Go with option B: If you want to focus on triathlon, do the 30-week off-season triathlon plan and then use shorter, race-prep plans (Triathlon – FasCat Coaching ) leading into your races.

As far as ‘adding big bike weekends’ to be ready for Mitchell, I’m not sure you really need to do that or that it’s productive, given that your goal tri events are around that same time of year.


that makes sense. I’ll still have to switch plans as I started the 16 week Sweet Spot Plan a month ago.

I’ll look into what it takes to switch over to the 30wk off season tri plan.

thanks for the input!