The DAMn (Day Across Minnesota)

I’m signed up to ride the DAMn, a lesser known gravel ride of 240 miles, roughly 17 weeks from today.
From cruising this site, it seems like I should do an SS plan for 10 weeks, then switch to the Gravel Training Plan, and take a week to regenerate? If that is correct, which SS part(s) should I do? I’m in decent shape now.


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Welcome @earlreed - that is a long way so yes, best to start sweet spot training with

Parts 2 & 3 and then our Gravel Plan.

What I’d do is chop off the first two weeks of sweet spot part 2 - get right down to business and then move onto part 3 and as you mentioned , the gravel plan - save a week to rest leading into your race. Hope that helps - let us know how it goes!


Filling out my calendar until Race Day.
If I have the gravel plan end three days AFTER the race day, it lines up well (has race day as the actual event date, etc). Is that the proper way to do it? It seems to contradict a little the “save a week to rest” in your comment above.

@FRANK , any thoughts on my question above? Thanks.

Hi @earlreed - this is one of those ‘how the calendar’ lays out in TrainingPeaks questions - I can’t answer unless I can look at how your plan lays out in a calendar format in relation to the date, etc…

with regards - the final week of your plan is just that in terms of load/intensity