Get into DK? What plans to do from Feb-May 30th!

Hey FasCats!

It seems like we have a pretty big collective who got in and are going to be competing in this years Dirty Kanza on May 30th!
We have already gotten quite a few athletes asking about which training plans would be best to train for the big 200. We wanted to help you out and layout which plans, and how to adapt them just slightly for the 17weeks we have till race day!
We recommend a start date of Monday February 3rd and to do the following.
Start with our Sweet Spot Part 2 Plan

From here you will jump into our Sweet Spot Part 3 Plan.
You can find SS3 on our site here

To merge these plans together we recommend removing the final week of SS2 (week 6), you will start SS3 on March 9th.
SS3 will take you to April 20th where you will start our Gravel Grinder Plan

To help the transition between these plans I recommend skipping the power test here from both plans and make this a rest week with Monday and Tuesday off. I would also recommend bringing down the hours by an hour or two on the weekend to again help use this is a rest week and to round out the periodization.

This will now got you to May 30th ready for the big day! Obviously the Gravel simulation rides in the gravel grinder plan are key key key so make those count as that will make a big difference on race day.

Starting at a different time of course will mean some different customizations to the plan by the user, but hopefully this gives you some good insight into what we recommend for stringing together our plans with DK in mind.

Best of luck and see you all out there in Emporia!


This is just what I was looking for. When should we be doing our power test?


check how your HR is sitting to your power as well as your perceived exertion to make sure the test is needed. But if it shows that it is, then the third day into a rest week (first workout) is your best place to give it a go.

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should we do the Hilly Gravel Plan?

I recommend the flat. DK does have some good elevation throughout the course for sure but it comes in rollers. The Hilly plan includes a elevation climbed goal in the simulation rides. For DK you need to be able to apply that power both on the flats and the rollers and foot gain does not need to be a goal.