Garmin Connect and Changing Threshold Values After FTP Test

I sync my Garmin Connect with my Training Peaks account and am curious about changing the threshold values once I do my next FTP test.

Before I purchased a plan, I have been uploading my casual rides from my Edge 530 to Garmin Connect. As soon as I accepted the new training plan in TP, it added all the workouts to my calendar on Garmin Connect, but the power zones were incorrect because I had not done the FTP test yet. Once I did my test, I changed the values in TP, and the levels in the workouts changed in the TP calendar, but what it looks like is that since the workouts had already been synced to my Garmin Connect calendar, they were still incorrect. I noticed this because I went out to do my first workout after my FTP test and the range was too low on my Edge. I even tried to do a force sync between my devices and my GC app.

I am not positive, but it looks like once the workouts are synced over to GC, they don’t update. I tried to change the values in my Garmin Connect account, and make sure the zones were the same as TP, but the workouts never re-synced with the new values, no matter what I did.

What I ended up doing was deleting the entire list of workouts from Garmin Connect, removing the plan from my TP calendar, letting all my devices sync so there were no more workouts, then add everything back with the FTP values and zones added as tested. Once I did that they showed up correctly in my Edge 530.

The entire point to this topic is, when I do my next FTP test and have to change the values, will they change in my Garmin Connect app or will I have to delete everything again?

Maybe I am overlooking something but what does everyone else do when they modify their threshold? I want to make sure my future workouts are increased properly when I get stronger.



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I’ve always deleted the workouts on my Garmin to clean it up after a test but there is a FTP value in Garmin Connect and/or on the device you need to update. At least I don’t see it mentioned in the post.

Hi Mike,

I am having this exact issue atm. Just wondering if you found a work around for this? Also if you remove the plan from your TP calendar and re-add it do you lose all your data from the workouts you have previously completed?


I believe it wont delete your data.

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Thanks @malcolm.isaacs

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