'tabata' workout instead of wed worlds

hi. could a coach look at my plan and see how i’ve manipulated my plan- we don’t have wed worlds here in season- and i’ve replaced with the 2 hour ‘tabata’ workout. Also, NCCX has double weekends every other weekend- so i’m curious about how i should manipulate my training week to accommodate that? I’m mostly on the trainer/zwift during the week- any particular workouts you’d recommend (or should i do a zwift race on wednesdays)? Also, i do the ss race every NCCX b/c its a 30 min race right before my women’s elite and i use it for warmup/course recon, hence 2-4 races per weekend. looking to maintain my fitness/high end efforts and to peak for nationals!

Hi @evie - the biggest thing I see missing in your plan are the SKILLS practices. Too much Zwift! Super good for riding in a straight line but no so good for your skills which is 50% of cyclocross.

If you don’t have a Wednesday Worlds - go to your neighborhood and have a World’s of one! Make your own course and race it while you are simultaneously riding hard and practicing on your cx skills. Here’s some further reading on that:

I put it on your training calendar for the next 2 Wednesdays. Go for it!

thanks frank- my handling and skills are pretty sharp- so i’m not worried about that
. i’m more concerned about keeping my fitness up and maximizing my sweet spot/and high repeated efforts. Also, what advice/workout/preparation would you suggest doing in anticipation of that HUGE run-up on the Nationals course i just saw posted?

Run during Your Wednesday Worlds - even the best cx’ers practice outside at least once a week.

Thanks, Frank; Absolutely agree- I have 50 miles of trail/fields in the backyard and ride at least once a week on the cx bike and do some skills, but i would rather do hard workouts with a power meter on the trainer or my road bike so i can hit the targets. Tried running after the wed workout last week and that seemed to work for me- nice to hear that confirmation. thanks! I’ll aim to find a huge hill and run after wed’s workouts.

Frank, I realize i went into defense mode for my zwift riding and justified that i do ride outside/practice/have handling skills… but what i didn’t get was an alternative to Wednesday worlds and the ‘tabata’ workout for the trainer, is that a good substitution? Is there some other workout you would suggest that i do to mix it up/better prepare for the course at Nationals? Wednesday is definitely the day I can get a hard/long workout in, and I want to make sure i’m maximizing my efforts on that day; I can also plan to get my running in- but would rather do that after a trainer workout.

^^^ from my original answer yesterday :white_check_mark: