Run ups and cyclocross plan adjustments

Hello FasCats - First, these plans are really working well for me. All that is left is to get out of my proverbial own way and let it fly! The cool part is, in the moments when I manage to do that, I keep finding I have the legs to back it up now, especially down here at sea level where there is sufficient oxygen, compared to my recent foray up to Boulder.

I have a couple of questions for you - first, I have heard you say several times that CX racers don’t need to be doing any specific run up practice at this time of year but to incorporate run-ups in the regular workouts. We raced on the CX Nats course last weekend, and holy smokes, they have added a new run up - steep and long in the dirt with a short, but energy sucking ride up to it. That is in addition to a second dirt run up, also steep, but not quite as long. By the third lap, it became more of a trudge-up for just about everyone, and a huge energy expenditure. Clearly a place where I could use some work. Is the best strategy to get ready for this still to incorporate intense run-ups in practice as often as possible?

Also, would you mind taking a look at my workout schedule? I’ll be travelling to Canadian Nats and Pan Ams next week - would you recommend racing both Saturday (26th) and Sunday (27th) this weekend? If just one race is better, I’d do the Saturday race as it is in my town, and would be grateful for your suggestion for Sunday (maybe practice back at the CX Nats course which is a lot like Can Nats and Pan Am courses?).

I travel back on Nov 10 and will be missing that big 4 hr ride, but will presumably have to make that up at Thanksgiving. The next week needs a little adjusting - there is a CX Race Start Practice on the 12 that I won’t be able to get to (I’ll need the 12 off), and my race that weekend is on the Sunday. Likewise, would you juggle around the workouts for the week of Nov 18 - I’ll also need the Tuesday (19th) completely off and then the race is on Sunday the 24th (back at the US Natz course!).

Thank you so much!

Hi Geraldine,

So I went into TrainignPeaks this morning and made some adjustments to your plan and rearranging based on travel, doctor appointment and etc. Take a look and let me know if you have questions on that, or if something doesn’t quite work.

As for this weekend racing Saturday is great! For Sunday I would recommend doing a ride that allows you to get in 3 - 4 hours of endurance riding. You will be missing a few days of riding with travel, racing on the weekends and such it sometimes cost you to lose a bit of fitness. So this is a great opportunity to get that riding time in. You could absolute ride around Nats course for practice, but maybe include a zone 2 ride there and back. Look to get in 3 - 4 hours.

As for putting in running into workouts before Nationals since that will be a key element we should include some run ups in your training. However with Canadian Nationals and Pam Am these next two weeks lets not over do it by throwing in a new workout into the training. The best would be doing them after as you still have a few weeks to get these in. Can also include it a bit in your skills rides. It’s like going out running for hour, but just short 15 - 30 second ‘sprints’ like you will do race day.

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@gevolympia One suggestion when you do the running workout is to perhaps do it on the same day do you hard on-the-bike workout. This allows you to get all the hard work in on one day and maximize recovery time. For example, Wed. morning you do a hard interval work out or “Wed Worlds” and then Wed, afternoon/evening head out for a quick jog and running hill repeats. Regarding CX Nats course, in your estimation how long is the run, time wise and is a rider coming in to it already a bit gassed or somewhat recovered? How long was your race and how many times did you have to go up in our race? What is the effort like after you remount? Thanks!


Perfect, thank you Jake. Would you mind checking Nov 14 - it has a 4.5 hour ride on a Thursday, and I won’t have that much time after work. I can probably get in up to 2 hr. Thanks! I think adding in those run workouts will work well. Just the little extra that might make all the difference come Dec 13!

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Hi Brandon; my apologies for taking so long to get back to you. Busy times! The course starts out on pavement, and then heads off onto some very bumpy grass to the left. There is also a walking path that it follows, but its narrow, and I picked up a few places by going to the side. This is relatively flat and then there is a short incline to the base of the first run up (we call this the “new” run up as there is another one that we have had in races for years) at about 0.3 mi from the start. The run up took me around 40-45 seconds roughly, based on the Strava map, each lap (it felt quite a bit longer). If they are doing the same as at the race last weekend, juniors will not have to do this run up - they will detour to the left up a wide gravel path to the top of the first downhill. The second run-up comes about half way through the lap and is shorter, about 30 seconds at my speed. It is also pretty steep, is all dirt, and has a big step at the top. Juniors will do this run up. I hope that is helpful - let me know if I can give you any more details. Cheers, Geraldine

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