Sweetspotted 120mins

So yesterday I went out and did a group ride on my own :joy:, after a twenty minute zone 2 pedal out I thought id see how long I could ride at Sweetspot. The result was surprising… 1hr 50 minutes averaging 91% of FTP :raised_hands:, I probably would have done another 10 or so minutes buttraffic dictated my end point. I’m really pleased with this and want to thank all the Fascat team. I have only been back riding after a two year break for 12 weeks (in week 12 of the SS18 week plan). Thanks again guy


Hi, are you doing the intermediate? I’m heading into week 5 when things ramp up. Hope I can do it! Any tips?

Hi Daniel, the obvious answer is FTFP. However my advice is try and do as much Sweetspot as you can during your weekend SS Group Rides or Freestyle Rides even if it means you have to reduce the length of the ride because you’ve achieved your TSS goal for the ride sooner. Also try and increase your duration of each sweetspot interval during the aforementioned rides week on week. Maybe something like 3x15 min segments then the next week do 2x20 min the then next week pin it all together with a solid 45 mins. Then aim for an hour by doing 3x20, then 2 x 30 then boom and hour the next week. Keep extending!!!
This weekend I rode 2 hour at sweetspot by building up like I mentioned.
Daniel this is just my view, Frank and the team may have different thoughts and ideas and have more experience than myself.

On another note I have just completed a 40km club time trial and averaged 288 watts for an hour. This is an increase in FTP from 245 to 288 in 13 weeks.

Keep up the good work buddy, be patient listen to your body and enjoy the process!!!