Sweet spot3 to Sweet spot 4 advice

Hello - I’d love to get some advice please on the following small dilemma…

I am finishing up SP 3 this weekend (07/26) and I am due to start SP 4 next week (07/27) but I am leaving for a week long vacation next Sunday (08/02) . My 2 questions are as follows:

  1. Should I start week 1 of SP 4 next week (07/27) and then take the following week off while I am on vacation and pick up with week 2 of SP4 when I return or should I wait and not start SP4 next week and rather spend the week doing other types of rides and then start SP4 when I return from vacation?
  2. Last question is when I start SP4, should I re-do the FTP test even though I did a new one when I started SP3?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

Hi @dino.admou #1 part of FtFP’ing is riding on your vacation!

I mean who wouldn’t want to ride on your vacation?!

Yes - the field test is in week 4 after you’ve completed the 3>4>5 min VO2 progression so you be faster and want to measure by how much.

Good luck and remember “Work Hard, Ride Fast, Have Fun: #FtFTP:metal: