Recovery interval in z3?

I’m just in week 2 of SS1 so forgive my not knowing. But I just did the 3x10 sweet spot interval ride and noticed that the 5m after the SS interval was 70% of FTP and then when it came to the “cool down” it jumped up to 80% and threw me back into z3 for 2.5/5min. Is that normal? Maybe so, I just wasn’t prepared for it…my legs were not thrilled :slight_smile:

No the cool down should not have been all zone 1. Zone 2 between the sweet spot is 70% which is normal.

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Wait, I’m confused. Isn’t sweet spot between zone 3 and 4?

Maybe I didn’t understand your question. Let me just break it down like this for you.

Sweet Spot is 84 - 97% of your FTP
For most of our sweet spot intervals we have athlete target 88 - 97%

So a typical 3 x 10 minute sweet spot workout should look something like this:

Warm up for 5 minutes - Zone 1 (45 - 55% of FTP)
Active Zone 2 10 minutes - Zone 2 (64 - 74% of FTP )
Sweet spot 3 x 10 minutes ON (88 - 97% of FTP) 5 minutes off zone 2 (60 -70% of FTP)
Active Zone 2 15 minutes - Zone 2 (64 - 74% of FTP)
Cool down for 5 minutes - Zone 1 (45 - 55% of FTP)

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Oh…for context I’m using training peaks into zwift (2’ of snow out here )

I’ll see if it does it on my next cool down interval tomorrow. Maybe it’s a zwift thing, or just a onetime error. I just want to ftfp (correctly). It seems that having my cool down never dip into zone 1, was not a great cool down :slight_smile:

For interest sake which plan are you on, intermediate or advanced?
Is it possible a finger error and you increased the intensity on Zwift by mistake, happened to me before, if not could be plan related but I looked at the plan in my training peaks calendar and the Workout Build seems 100% correct for the Advanced SS1 Plan

I’m on the Basic one. I don’t think it was a finger error. All of the other wattages were bang on what TP says, and my phone and laptop were not within reach.

The Training Peaks workout reads:

  1. Warm-up 10 min @ 70%
  2. Repeat 3 times
  3. Sweet Spot10 min @ 90%
  4. Easy5 min @ 70%
  5. Cool Down 5 min @ 70%

When it transferred into zwift it was:

  1. warm up - Gradual ramp from 60% ~80%
  2. Repeat 3 times
  3. Sweet Spot10 min @ 90%
  4. Easy5 min @ 70%
  5. Cool down - Gradual ramp down from 80%-60%

I know that’s a lot of info, but I’m just trying to get this sorted :slight_smile:

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This is interesting, I just noticed this. Not sure why it happens, must be something on zwifts end as the workout is correctly written in TP.

To avoid doing 80% of your FTP in the cool down keep your trainer off of erg mode and don’t push to the top end of the target watts it is prescribing for the cool down. You could also manually edit the workout within zwift before starting your workout to make the cool down match what we prescribe in TP. To do that you will scroll to the workout within the workout library in zwift and click on the little double square button to the right of the workout title (see image below)

Then click on display → % of FTP. Then you can edit that cool down to go from 74% of FTP down to ~55% (or 70-50% for simplicities sake).

In the basic plan, the cool down is shorter to keep the workouts at 1 hour so it does not includemore than 5-10 min of zone 2 after the intervals . If you do have extra time though, you can add in 10-20 minutes extra of zone 2 (drag in the little blue box that says Z2) and then edit your cool down to be~ 70% to about 50% of your FTP.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


Awesome. Great service as always!


Hi fellow riders

Just would like to confirm if the SS is “Sweet Spot is 84 - 97% of your FTP
Why the workout is Sweet spot 3 x 10 minutes ON (88 - 97% of FTP) 5 minutes off zone 2 (60 -70% of FTP)
That’s means I should increase my starting bracket by 4%, please?

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Yes we define sweet spot as 84 - 87% of your FTP, but also for the shorter intervals we tend to like athletes to push it up to the higher end of sweet spot. More bang for your buck!


Thank you coach Jake make sense

Best regards