Sweet Spot Group Ride. Am i doing it right?

@fascat coaches, coud use your help.
So i don’t have acess to group rides where i live, so i have to ride solo.
I try to use the terrain to modulate my power, meaning whenever i’m going uphill, i try to be in the SS range so i can comply with the workout.
My question is if i’m spending enough time in SS during my weekend rides.
For example today i rode for 3:30h, and here is my power distribution for this ride:

Z1: 46:25min
Z2: 1h06min
Z3: 54:59min
SS: 49:52min
Z4: 35:01min
Z5: 06:42min
Z6: 01:39min

Is this an okay power distribution for what it was supposed to be the SS group ride workout?

That looks good!

If you’re ever unsure of how to do a SS ride you can always throw in 2x20 tempos, 3-4x15 sweet spot, a few shorter but harder efforts… and then zone 2. The goal is to get close to the TSS called for within +/-15.

Here is are two great articles to read:

Keep up the good work!
-Coach Allie

Thx for the answer and the articles @Allie .
Glad i’m doing the right thing even though i’m riding alone. Just wanted to make sure i wasn’t doing too much SS or too little SS during my rides.

Best Regards,

Bruno Feijão

Thanks for the response @Allie. Just a different question but along the same lines, what happens if you hit your TSS earlier than the duration? I assume that means you’ve been going harder than you probably should have been or you’ve been able to do SS longer than the TSS calc allows for.

As an example, this weekend I did a 4 hour ride in the 18 SS plan and got in 1hour and 20 mins of sweet spot which, with all the rest of the ride, put me well over the prescribed TSS for that workout. If I see this happening in TSS on my bike computer, is the general advice go home earlier than the 4 hours or just ride Zone 2 the rest of the ride and keep the time to 4 hours?

if you hit the tss sooner than the ride time then you can start riding zone 2! or go home!