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I’m a 43 yr old masters racer. I dabble in all types, Road, TT, MTB and cross. When fit my FTP is 340 watts at 83kg. I have just purchased the 18 week Sweet spot plan to try something different as I feel I’m low on base conditioning because when I try to carry out proscribed TT efforts for this TT season in New Zealand which has just started I feel I’m trying to go hard on a deck of cards for a foundation .
My question is this would it be OK to swap out a Tuesday sweet spot session for a 16km TT race every 4 weeks or is this not a good idea. I did a TT race for my 20 min field test which was average for me a just but a gauge of the level I’m at for the start of the plan . I was 310 watts for the 16km TT with a time of 22min54sec in good conditions. Thank you for your advise in advance

No that is fine. It will be an intense effort than can easily replace a workout every 4 weeks. That will not disrupt the flow of the training plan. Plus it’s a specific workout to improve in TTs since you’ll be actually doing a time trial.

Thanks Jake that’s awesome

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Your TT’s are like a field test every 4 weeks :joy_cat:

Yeah I know :grimacing:… I was just wanting to make sure it wasn’t going to undermine the plan by going full gas for a 16km TT

It actually works out well that it is on Tuesday. Tuesday is always the hardest workout and comes after a rest week so you will be fresh to tackle that and be ready. Also it is only once every 4 weeks. If it was weekly that would be more of an issue.

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