CX Race Plan Adjustment

I’m currently doing the intermediate 6 Weeks to Cyclocross plan, and am currently in the middle of week 5. First race is this weekend though. There are two days of racing. I’ve got a couple of questions. If I only do one race, it’ll be on Sunday. How should the plan be adjusted for that? Here’s my schedule:

Also, what are your thought’s on doing both days of racing? There are quite a few races here in Iowa like that. My goal this season is to try and cat up from 4 to 3, and I’m probably going to be racing every weekend except one or two from now until the weekend before Thanksgiving. I’m also registered for 2 days of racing for the Trek CX Cup and 3 at JingleCross. (I live in the middle of the shortest route between them. )

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As a general rule of thumb you do openers the day before the race and an off/recovery day the day before the openers.

Check out our Coaching Subscription for us to go in a an edit your plan and weigh the pros/cons of racing twice a weekend and what that means for adjusting your mid-week training

To edit your plan yourself, here’s how:

For this week just do an easy ride on Friday, openers Sat, race Sun! In regards to your other question, we can help tweak the plan and help you peak for the races which are most important/valuable to you. Racing too much can make you slower, too…so be careful!

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