Strength Training with DOMS

Hi all,

Apologies if this has been covered previously.
I’m undertaking a multisport Resistance + Sweet Spot plan and had my first day of Hypertrophy (Heavy) lifting yesterday. I’ve got fairly noticeable muscle soreness in all the right places (glutes, hamstrings, quads) and today’s training prescription is to get back in the gym and do a Hypertrophy (Light) session.
I’m very wary about going back into the gym and doing lifts in all the areas that are sore and obviously inflamed/repairing themselves following yesterday’s session.
So just want some advice - do I push through the DOMS and lift with sore muscles?
Or should I adjust the training presciption during the strength period and only lift when I am relatively fresh (i.e. after at least 1 days rest) - this will mean I reduce my completed amount of strength sessions during the Hypertrophy phase.



Push through today. It is lighter. You’ll rest on Wednesday and repeat. It is the hardest phase! Repeat on Thursday and Friday. Usually the second week feels better.

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