How has Fascats helped you get stronger?

Endorsement time!

I just finished the 18 week sweet spot plan and took my 20 minute FTP test. My FTP went from 235 to 252, a VERY significant 17 watt / 14% increase. For an old guy (53) that’s been riding for decades, this is pretty amazing.

The plan was fantastic, and the results speak for themselves. Thank you Coach Frank for the plan and the podcast. Now on to the Hill Intervals plan!


Yeah man way to go! For me (51, father with HS and college age kids, demanding and complicated career) Frank and FC offer a ton of sound/grounding knowledge. I’ve learned a ton just by reading articles and/or listening to podcast. Picking up tidbits here and there as well as following some plans…

Even at our age if you want to get to the next level consider personal coaching with Frank or one of the FasCat coaches v. the canned plans. The canned plans are super good but, nothing really compares to a good coach to keep you honest. I’ve done it all and having a coach is the way to go if it works for you and coach. JMO

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Congrats and way to go #FtFP 'ing . Post a picture from the podium!