Unexpected Progress

Sometimes, it is really hard to predict how we respond to training. I dang near brueid myself doing a 20 min test a few weeks ago and it was disappointing to say the least. Went out for a (solo) gravel ride this past weekend and things just clicked despite not having ideal sleep or recovery. After almost completing the entire SS1-SS4 training plan series, my 60 min power has gone from 184 W in January to 202 W in July. Not huge gains, but the difference in how it felt is remarkable.

Best part about SS4: I’ve felt much better and able to recover on our short/steep punchy little climbs that typify the LR100/MidSouth gravel scene.

No real questions here…just giving you some positive feedback on SS4.




Awesome! Going from 184 to 202 is a pretty solid gain! That is 9% increase so nothing to just shake off as not much. Great job Stephen. Just keep that momentum going.

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Listened back to the Whoop! FasCat podcast this AM and decided to take a closer look at my recovery over the last week (based on my Whoop! biometric results). Yikes. Out of the last two weeks, I’ve had two days of green, seven of yellow, and four of red. In fact, the worst I’ve seen was yesterday (5%) and today (24%). I don’t generally look at this data BEFORE completing a workout in an effort not to have an excuse for my performance. Would appreciate your feedback on if and how you would adjust my plan (for tomorrow) based on this recovery data.