Ss climbing vs sustained

I have a 3.5 hours ss ride to do tomorrow. Unfortunately my road bike is down due to a broken quarq pm. I’m fortunate enough to have power on my mtb though and I have no problems riding it on the road. We’ve had rain the last two days here ¶ and expecting a flash freeze tonight so the trails won’t be rideable. With that said, doing any kind of sustained ss efforts on my mtb will be tough I think just due to the gearing. Instead, I was just going to do my climbing route, it’s repeated 5-15 minute climbs, one after the next. Approximately 6,000’ in 40 miles. I know i won’t be getting the same benefit as a sustained effort but will it suffice? It’s kind of my only option other than the trainer but I won’t be getting on the trainer (blah!). I’ve been ftfp’ing so I feel like straying a bit on this one might be okay and I will still achieve the tss, albeit a bit differently. Any opinions or input?