Going over planned TSS

Currently on Training plan for race next Sunday. Today called for 3 hr group ride with 170 ±25 TSS. The ride ended up 3hrs27min with TSS of 251. Tomorrow the plan calls for 2 hrs with 4x10 min tempo with TSS of 110. I was wondering if i should go a little easier tomorrow since i went way over planned TSS today.


HI @rustybroussard - it could be that you have just gotten faster and are throwing down more watts these days - this is a good thing. Were you riding really hard?

Overall I don’t think you need to ride less TSS tomorrow as long as you were feeling good today - and if that were the case (?) consider the extra TSS ‘bonus’ :muscle:

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It was a pretty hard ride with some race level efforts and about 3500 ft of climbing. I felt pretty good until the last climb of the day. Of course, temp were about 100F by that point.

I’ll stick to the plan for tomorrow unless i feel absolutely horrible. Thanks for your quick response. You guys are awesome!

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Was able to stick to the plan and had a pretty good workout. Felt stronger than i thought i would, but legs are tired now.

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