Spring Events & Cyclocross 2021

Well, North Carolina’s CX season was officially canceled yesterday, not a surprise but still disappointing. I have a gravel race and maybe a mountain bike race (the XC enduro from the last Q&A pod, postponed and still in some doubt) and then that’s it for the 2020 season. I’ve got some challenging strava goals in mind, so my plan is to keep building into November and then shut it down into the holidays.

This is my first year back on the bike since the early 2000s. The thing is, I don’t want to wait until next fall to race again, this year’s been brutal enough just logging miles (and FTFP!).

I’ve listened to podcasts & read the training tips, so I know that racing in the summer is detrimental to a perfect cyclocross season, but I’m willing to make a tradeoff there if the spring events go off in 2021 (and treat them as B/C races too).

So, all that to ask… is it possible to build to a big event in May (considering Belgian Waffle Ride Asheville or Trans-Sylvania MTB Epic), rest a couple weeks, then get back to sweet spotting for the summer and get CX ready? How would you approach the winter if that was the plan? I’ve got some time yet to lay in the 2021 plan but I’m very event/goal motivated when it comes to training and FTFP.

(I suspect the answer might be “get a coaching subscription”, which might be possible in a few months, but the off the shelf plans have been great so far)

Yes it is @joshvc - you’ve got tons of time to do the complete 32 week season for the BWR Asheville & then have a fun summer, get into the sweet spot summer cx and move right into cyclocross season 2021. The key is to take regular rest weeks and possibly a mid-summer break after the big build up to the BWR.

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