2021 Cyclocross Training

I want to start a thread for everyone doing cyclocross this fall. I was thinking we can help keep each other motivated through these TOUGH workouts and hot weather. I’m doing the 6 weeks to Cross plan right now and then we do CX intervals plan. First CX race will be Oct 3rd.

I did the 7 minute “hot lap” workout last week and WOW that felt awkward. My legs did not want to smash out of each corner. But then I did the 2x 7min hot lap workout this week and it felt much better. So I’m glad I’m knocking the dust off now so I’m ready to smash in the fall.

What’s everyone else got going this summer?


Hi @tgoods. Thanks for starting this thread! This is my first full year using Fascat. I’m not starting the 6 weeks to CX plan until literally 6 weeks out from the first race on Sept. 18 then I’ll go into the CX Race and Recovery plan. Maybe I should have started sooner which I can still do. I look forward to these workouts and reporting back here!



I always look forward to those CX workouts - short, hard, satisfying. This year I was planning to start the 6 weeks to CX in a few weeks, but I’ve been busy with work and kind of let my base get away from me, so been thinking about doing the a month of a SS plan and then do the 6wCX…gotta decide soon.


i’m about 75% through the off season 24 week plan. i was skeptical at first, but now i’m a believer. frothing for cross


I’m working through redoing the Summer CX SS plan. I’ve felt a difference so far! Planning on hitting 6 weeks to cross on Aug 1, my first race is Oct 3rd (are you racing the Ga CX series by chance?) also so I’ll hit the CX intervals plan mid Sept. Hoping for some mud this year! #crossiscoming

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I will be doing the series out of Tulsa, OK.

I did my first session of dismounts and remounts yesterday. Only racked myself twice. That is pretty good!

Tgoods what class you in? I’ll see you for sure at Ruts n Guts.


Dude the remount struggle is real… I had to unlearn some bad habits, namely stopping the hopping on the left foot when getting back on the saddle. Still got some work do to on that.

I’m racing P/1/2 this year, moving up from 3/4.

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