Resistance/SS Training Feedback

Hi all!

I thought this was an excellent plan. It was fun and the work outs varied. I feel stronger and have noticed an increase in my punch power while mtb biking and sprinting with my road bike. I will recommend for sure.


The resistance training does not have any elevated heart rate work outs. Sooo when I completed the resistance and switched into SS training, it took a few weeks to adjust to high heart rate burns as I wasn’t used to spending 20+ mins at z4 heart rate. I did increase my FTP though by 20 watts! So I am pumped.

Also, a minor note, I use a Wahoo Kickr smart trainer and Zwift erg mode for 100% of my work outs. For sprints, it takes an average of 5 seconds for erg mode to kick in huge erg power differentials. So a 10 second sprint is really only a 5 second sprint.

Loved these plan enough that I bought the SS1 and SS2 then will buy the gravel plan in 12 weeks.

Great response on the forum with all my questions. Highly rated!



Since there’s a known lag for the trainer, start shifting up on your bike a few seconds before that interval starts. Yes, Zwift yells at you, but since the trainer also lags in trying to bring you back down, you’ll be into that sprint interval before it can AND you’re up-gear change will make you do the intensity of the sprint while you wait for the trainer. Then, of course, you have to shift back down after the interval or Zwift will adjust your power down for the gear you’re already in and you won’t have higher gears to shift to for the next sprint interval. IOW, if you want to get the workout done, you have to help Zwift by shifting gears.

Alternatively just toggle erg mode off for any max or near max efforts shorter than a minute or two?