MTIs in zwift: best practices?

MTIs are one of my favorite workouts; and, i get to do them this week! given schedule constraints (read: dad of four, all of whom are currently learning remotely while i work remotely), i plan to complete these in zwift. i am wondering if there are any tips/best practices. should i grind up alpe du zwift? or, is flatter/undulating terrain suitable? really, it’s about keeping the rpms low, right? also, is it better to do them in erg mode? and finally, should i increase the trainer difficulty? are any of these variables relevant? or, is it just a matter of maintaining the prescribed rpms? thanks!

In order to get best muscle tension interval workout you gotta have some thing to push against. In my experience and from the athletes I coach who’s power files I analyze that is best done using the Wahoo App** and setting the ‘Level’ to 2-4. Pictured here is 3

Doing MTi’s on Zwift and you will get ontop of the gear and create too much forward inertia and thereby not have anything to push against. Ditch Zwift and go old skool in order to nail your MTi’s the best

The advanced level is if you live in an area with climbs that are 2-5% grade for 5-10 minutes or greater in the length. A block stiff headwind has also been successful.

** or equivalent smartTrainer app


awesome! thanks! i’m down with kickin’ it old skool (well, as old skool as one can get with a wahoo trainer…lol).

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I do not want to hijack your thread but instead of starting another I will ask my questions here. I have a dumb trainer, kurt kinetic and I am using my cx/gravel bike for these which has a 44 up front and 11 I back. When I did these last week I just turned over that gear. Although maybe not as hard as it should be will this suffice @FRANK or should I look for a 2-4% grade outside? I felt like I was working which was nice and no knee pain.

I think its worth trying to see if outside works better for you -

Nothing wrong with dumbtrainers for MTi’s crank down the resistance and they are equally as good

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Thanks! I will see if I can tighten the tension to make them harder. Should my quads and hamstrings really be feeling it towards the end of each interval? Just trying to get a sense of what I should be looking for sensation wise. The weather looks good for Thursdays 3x12s so I will try them outside, I will just have to keep an eye on my HR.