Silver Rush 50 prep

Hello fascatters.

Im just finishing up my last scheduled road race this weekend (Morgul Bismark), and am looking towards racing the FireCracker 50 in Breck (25 miles as part of 2 person team), and then 2-3 days later racing the Silver Rush 50 in Leadville (All 50, all by my lonesome).

Over the winter I completed the 18 week Sweet Spot, then followed that up with the 6 week Road Race plan.

Which plan do you think would be best over the next 6 weeks for me to prepare for these 2 endurance MTB events?

How much time should I spend in those 6 weeks, training at altitudes similar to what the races demand (9000-12000 ft)? I live in Denver, and can ride all the front range stuff. How much time should I aim in the higher elevation areas though? And should I reduce my wattage goals when riding at higher elevations during workouts?

Thanks for any advice!

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We actually have a Firecracker 50 plan which would be great to do!

Here is an article I wrote on the effects of racing and training at altitude. You will have to adjust your training zones accordingly. Or be aware the power will be lower.

As for how much training at altitude, the best thing is to be as specific as possible to your event. Not everyday but would be good to get up at least once a week for your weekend rides.

Thanks Jake! Dont know how i missed the Fire Cracker plan…