Help! Need Fascat interval plan adjust for firecracker 50

Wanted to see if I could get some help adjusting my Fascat interval training plan with my Firecracker 50 race?

Absolutely! What are you looking for in particular?

Are you wanting to set up next week and proper taper into the Firecracker 50? Looks like you did get a nice ride in yesterday!

Yep, whatever you think where I can be my strongest for the Firecracker 50, my A race. I DNFd last year for being fat and slow which motivated me to sign up for Noom and Fascat MTB sweet spot/ interval programs where I lost at total of 35 pounds (25 pounds from last year’s race weight.) I was worried about the interval program and how’d it affect my climbing but climbed Flagstaff in stronger gears yesterday so I’m a believer! Thanks Jake!

Thanks Jake! That’s perfect!


Yeah so you will have a couple of harder efforts during the week. Try to do climbing if you can! Replicating Firecracker. By the weekend you are tapering and lower the duration and intensity. You will do some full gas 1 minute efforts on Saturday but these are more about staying sharp and to help from going flat.

Great job setting a goal and doing something about it! The weight loss alone will be tremendous! But it is almost as simple as following the plan. Good luck! Don’t forget to think about pre day and race day nutrition and hydration. Make sure your equipment is dialed, tweaked and checked over. Have a plan beyond watts and effort. This way come race day things run as smooth as possible!

Good luck!!

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Thanks Jake and Frank! I finished 8th out of 21 in my group! I was 5th after the first 25 mile lap! Felt really strong on climbs. Fighting thigh cramps on 2 climbs but pedaled through. Thanks again! Couldn’t have done it without you and (lost 25 lbs from last year’s race weight-35 lbs total loss since Feb. probably going to pass on WP race tomorrow to recover. TP form score -46 today lol! Here were my times in my HR zones image|281x499