Coaches, help me choose my next race plan

My next A race is a 6-hour MTB solo on Oct. 1 in North Georgia that figures to be about 50 miles with about 6,000 feet elevation gain. I’ve had great success racing singlespeed for endurance events, so I’ll likely go one gear again.

I’m coming off 12 weeks Sweet Spot Base and the MTB XC Race Intervals plans. Just had my first XC “A” race this week. Racing a Gran Fondo in two weeks, which I’m labeling a “B” race.

Would the Firecracker 50 be the logical choice or is there another one you’d recommend?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Dean!

Do our sweet spot marathon mtb plan - 6 weeks, gobs of long mtb rides on Saturdays with lots of sweet spot and shorter structure during the week.

Good luck!