Sick, three weeks from race day

I made it all the way through base healthy and got sick three weeks out from race day (gravel hundo). I toughed it out this weekend and decided to see if I could sweat it out. I did my 4-hr gravel ride with a bailout if needed. It turned out good, I got 75 miles and 4K of climbing, though I couldn’t really hit VO2 very well. Anyways, this head cold has gotten worse and I am trying to decide if:
I just try to do the best I can on today’s ride (2x15 Threshold)
Ride zone 2 for saddle time
#CTFO and don’t aggravate it more?
Do any coaches want to weigh in? @Isaiah @FRANK @Allie @Jake

If there is any consolation my resting HR has come back down to 44 bpm this morning, so I hope it is starting to break.

Thanks in advance,

The timing really sucks as this is a ‘B’ race and I am not looking for a full taper. My ‘A’ race is still a while out, Gravel Worlds, August 21st.

Morning Tim!

Take the CTFO option. Sounds like you are close to pushing through it with resting HR leveling out and its better to give it the time now then wait and dig your hole deeper while also getting closer to race day.
I would give it another day and then ease back in with a day(Z2), then if all is good to go get back to the plan!
Never fun to be sick but you want to nip this thing in the butt while you have the time to do so.

Feel better!

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Thanks, Isaiah, I feel much better with it coming from you! I could drive myself crazy trying to decide.

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Hey Tim!

One thing you didn’t mention was a list of symptoms, although it sounds like just a basic cold.

Check out one of our articles exactly on this topic:

Even though you’re feeling better, I agree with Isaiah that you should give yourself a day of rest or two before doing a Z2 test ride to see how you feel, before hopefully easing back into things.

I would say though, in the future, give yourself a bit more of a break, check for fever, and considering seeing a Doctor. It sounds like all will be fine, but training through sickness has it’s risks.


Thanks for the share @Christian! Fortunately, I have not spiked a fever, though on the cusp, I have been monitoring. This is going around town and exhibits like allergies (I have never had allergies) really congested sinuses, head pressure, and just drained physically. It has stayed out of my lungs though, so fingers crossed it isn’t too much longer now. I am going to take it easy and hopefully be back at it soon.

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Man I know it SUCKS getting sick and having to back off. But look at the positive side. You are 3 weeks out so you have the opportunity to fully recover.
In terms of race performance I think the worst thing you could do at this point is try to “ride through it” and subsequently allow the illness and compromised immune system to linger until race day. IMO that is going to hurt your race performance more than a reduced CTL from resting now. Like you said, your VO2 was compromised in your 4hr ride… you need that VO2 zone fully back for race day to maximize your performance.


Thanks for the support. I could feel the little angel/devil on my shoulder of what I should do and what I wanted to do.