What to do when you get a cold?

Hey guys, what to do when you get a cold? I started feeling sick on Sunday which was a recovery day lucky me. I did not train Monday and Tuesday but I was thinking about going out today. I am not 100% of course. What do you think? Also, how do you adjust your training week? Thanks a lot.

I had a similar situation about a month ago and @Christian chimed in with this FasCat Blog on the subject What to Do When You Feel Sick – FasCat Coaching

Ultimately Christian and Isaiah both told me to chill out, getting feeling better, then come back with a 1 hr zone 2 ride and see how it goes before jumping right back into the plan. The article is full of great info and if you search the forum the whole string of this conversation is titled “sick three weeks from race day” or something very close to that.

Good luck and hope you heal fast!

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^^^ plus go see a Doctor to get a diagnosis (especially if you have a fever) and medicine (if warranted) so you recover sooner and can get back to training quicker.