Changing my goals for the year

Hi Facats coaches,

I’m sad to admit that I got sick 2 weeks ago and am still struggling. My power is really lagging and my workouts seem impossible. I just read Frank’s getting back after illness advice, and realize I am guilty of going too hard too fast. Last week, I went rogue to do what I felt my body needed. Thursday I had a little power at the local spicy group ride, but not for long and then flattened. Saturday’s climbing ride was awful and I was so so slow. Once I got my hr down, I just got weaker and called the ride significantly short. It was weird in that my hr was in zone 2 but I felt like I couldn’t go harder on the pedals (not sure of pr because I was on a bike w/o a meter).

Right now, my goal event in Sept. isn’t possible. I’m unsure if its more advantageous to take a month of unstructured riding or go back to base once my body will accept power again. I’ve been going strong since 2020 and right now I’m feeling unsure what will happen to my fitness for the rest of this year. I want to be healthy mentally and physically, and right now I feel a bit under nourished in both areas.

Hey @lindsay.marx I think step one is to get a handle on your health. I would make sure a doctor gives you a clean bill of health before you decide anything else. Either way though, it sounds like some time off the bike is in order. This could be anywhere from 5 days to 3 weeks. Wait until your energy is up and you’re really motivated to ride before getting back on the bike. Once riding again, I would ease back in and slowly increase volume and intensity.


Thank you for the advice. It’s been a heck of a month. I’ve caught illness #2, my little man brought it home from school, and have also injured my back somehow. :woman_facepalming:
Right now I’m pretty inconsistent. Just riding easy drafting off my husband, not too shabby of a view either :wink:!
I’m hoping to be on the up and up soon. My ftp in the spring was the highest I’ve had so far. Fingers crossed there’s a chance I can get there again.
I continue to remind myself that fitness is fluid and the long game of health is the ultimate goal.