CX plan adjustments for multiple "A" races


I’ve been following your CX plans since the spring, and I’m pretty sure I’m faster than ever, so thanks for that! I’m somewhere in the middle of the CX intervals now, and have lined up CX race and recover and then 6 weeks till Nats. I have a few questions on plan adjustments. I’ll list them below and if they flow over the once-monthly adjustment, please just let me know what can be addressed later.

  1. I am a dual citizen and have the chance to race both Canadian (Nov 2/3) and US Nats (Dec 12) this year, as well as Pan Ams (Nov 9/10). I think I have a shot at the Canadian Nats podium if I can throw down my best and possibly the US Nats if I throw down my best and a small miracle occurs. How should I change my program to peak for these three big events? I will also be racing in Boulder on Oct 12/13 and would like to do well so that I might improve my ranking score there.
  2. Most of our local races are on Sundays, but the plans call for a race Saturday and a longer ride on Sunday. Given that the local races aren’t my major focus, should I switch the Saturday and Sunday plans? Unfortunately I work M-F so can’t shift the week to do a long ride on Monday.
  3. I have to travel for business at the end of September and won’t be able to ride for four days. How should I juggle training around that?

Thanks for your help - it’s going to be a great season!


Welcome @gevolympia ! I glanced at your plan just now and will adjust per your Sunday races over this weekend. For your end of Sept. travel - put it in TrainingPeaks on your calendar :: click the day > add a workout > choose ‘other’ and type ‘Travel’ in the title. This prompts us to design around those day.

I will make the US Open and “A Race”


Thank you Frank. I flagged the travel days as “Other”.

Hi @gevolympia - I have adjusted your training plan per your races complete thru the weekend of Sept. 21st/22nd. The following weekend I wasn’t sure if you were racing or not so I left it as is. Have a look and let us know if you have any q’s here.

Let’s see how that goes for you (good luck!!) and we can also update your race schedule & training in October.


Hello Frank, first a little feedback - I have been following your CX plans all summer. Some ups and downs of course, but this is the first time I’ve had a structured plan for this long. Last year I discovered the 6 weeks till nats and that was the start of it. Well anyway, seems like all that hard work is starting to pay off as the racing gets going. I’m getting all kinds of comments about “looking really strong” but more importantly, I’m feeling really strong, and that makes the racing SOOOO much for fun. I think its going to be my best season yet.

Meanwhile, I’m hoping you can help me with a few adjustments for the upcoming month. I’m travelling for work for the next few days and won’t have a bike. Because I have been working a ton and training or doing CX-related stuff most of the remaining waking hours, I’m planning to take it as some recovery time - yoga, foam rolling, walking, and one strength workout, and a mental break from biking. My question is what do I do when I get back? I have a few A races coming up - Boulder US Open of CX and Canadian Nats the first weekend of Nov followed by Pan Ams the second weekend of Nov. I have filled out my calendar pretty accurately I think. Also, I’m training one day per week with a personal trainer - no heavy lifting, but a lot of PT-related stuff for injury recovery, balance and core. I’ve mostly been doing this on the Revo days - does that sound like the right scheduling option to you (I mark it as Proactive on my calendar)?