Rest week when switching from Base to Race

Hi Team,

I have a quick question concerning the rest week when switching from base to race. In the final week of my 18wk SS plan my intention is to have that final big push and drive up my CTL up somewhere in the 90’s and be absolutely hanging with an ATL of 120 plus. Should the following rest week be completely off the bike allowing my CTL to drop to around 78 and my form rise to +26 or should I model in a regeneration week?

Many thanks as always for all your help and insight.


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Hi @philliphammill -

When switching from base to race a rest week is something like this:
M-T: off
W: hard yet short race specific intervals: z4/5or 6
T: zone 2 short
Hard Group Ride (AmEX Style )
S: off or short z2
Start Interval Plan Monday

What your PMC chart is, TSB, etc… that’d be a question answered if we could take alook at your data.

G’luck and keep FtFP’ing!



Thank you for your quick response, I will model that into my PMC chart :nerd_face:

Please see my PMC chart below for info, this has the switch week modelled as completely off the bike.

Started the Foundation plan 5th Oct → 10 wk strength 26th Oct → 18wk SS plan 4th Jan → Hill Climb plan 17th May. Looking to hit a peak in July.

I am really enjoying your structured plans. I added the strength plan for the first time and I am definitely feeling some solid gains in performance. Really encouraging to see all my peak power records consistently trending upwards! Roll on summer group rides!


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