Aligning plan with Race

I’m nearing the end of my 18wks SS+Strength plan, starting week 16 tomorrow. I see this is a Regeneration week followed by the final two-week block. I have Fat Bike Birkie (~2 hr) race at the end of week 18, so I need to make some kind of adjustment. My fatigue level isn’t too bad at this point, just trying to decide if I:

  1. Take the regen week per plan, do first week next block and then swap the second week for a taper.

  2. Roll right into the next two week block without the regen week, and take a full week off before race. Maybe just a couple easy spins and an opener day before.

Any advice?

Best option would be to just stick to the plan and #FtFP.

If this an ‘A’ race maybe you could do some different adjustments.

But what I would recommend you doing to least interrupt the training plan would be following the next two weeks as is. Two days out from the race take as an off day and then the day before do an opener day. This shouldn’t interrupt your training plan that much and help you stay on track for the bigger picture.

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