Resistance Training Plan: Power Development

Hello, I’ve been working through the resistance training plan and about to move into sweet spot. Whilst I’ve been enjoying doing the weights an doing something different in the winter, I’m curious about the timing of power development (particulary the on bike sprint intervals and standing start workouts). The top-end power needed for sprinting and even just responding to surges and attacks has always been my biggest limiter and so I’m excited about the prospect of improving on this. However, won’t any gains made this early in the season be lost by the time my ‘A’ race comes round without maintaining the lifting and sprint training?

Keep up the great work!

With properly planning your training calendar you will still reap the gains from the resistance training program. We have a great podcast on timing is everything.

Ideally you will do the 10 week resistance program, 16 - 18 weeks of sweet spot training (base), 6 weeks of interval training and then race. This is how you want to line up your season. This way you have strength gains from gym, a big aerobic engine with sweet spot training and get fast through interval training. You need to hit each specific phase. Your top end you will come back to during the interval training. There are even some burst and acceleration work in sweet spot 2 and 3.