When to start resistance training?

I love you guys and your training programs. Have made a huge difference for me and are tons of fun. The podcast is excellent too.
Question regarding when best to start resistance training: I have two options for my off season:
A) I can start the 10 wk resistance training program now (this wk, beginning 9/7/20), then after completion transition to phase 1 sweet spot program X 6 wks, then have another 4 wks to knock out some of the phase 2 sweet spot program before I move from “base to race” by starting stage race intervals to prepare for first race on 3/20/20.
B) Other option would be to start the resistance training + sweet spot program on 10/1/20, which would end just in time for me to start the stage race interval program in prep for 3/20/20.

Is there an advantage to delaying the resistance training program to try and maintain some of those strength gains through the race season or do you think better to have the extra time to work on sweet spot?

Many many thanks for your expertise.

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Hey @christianverry! We recommend going with option A (but see note below).

Ideally you want to start your foundations and resistance training now, as that will give you more time to raise your CTL and then execute race specific intervals before your first race. The gains that you make from the resistance training will mostly be maintained through our Revo and foundation exercises, interval work and yoga that is included in our sweet spot and interval plans (done on rest days which are typically mondays and fridays).

Note: if that first race is not your A race, you would probably benefit from doing our 32 week off season plan and then jump into the race specific intervals… as that will build you a great base and will carry you further through the season!

Also, here are two great podcast on off season training and how to combine our training plans that are very helpful:


Thanks Lacey,

I spent much time analyzing options this wkend and remembering what I have learned in listening to the Fascat podcasts, and I agree with your recommendation: Go with a longer build phase, such as the 32 wk plan, and not worrying about the March race. My desire is to peak mid May for our road race championship, and hit a 2nd and bigger peak in late July/early August for our state TT. I have one more question if you don’t mind:

I already own the resistance training program. Did it last yr, and really enjoyed it.

I was planning to purchase the 3 sweet spot programs (6 wks each). I would start with the 10 wk resistance program next wk, then transition into stage 1 sweet spot after that, and continue this through all of the remaining sweet spot training plans (2 and 3). This would be the same as the 32 wk program correct? I ask, b/c as I already own the resistance program, it makes more sense for me to purchase the 3 sweet spot programs now, which would allow me to use them individually in the future, if needed.

Many thanks for your input. I am a huge fan of Fastcat.



Great minds think alike! Definiely better to think about the bigger picture and what your overall goals are for the year!

The 32 week off season plan includes our fall foundation, the resistance plan, as well as sweet spots 1-3. If you want to use the plans on their own in the future, I would agree that it definitely make sense to have them separate!

Here is a good thread for how to combine all of those plans together!

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