Random event and daily commuting while FtFPing

Hey all, I just bought my first training plan, 6 weeks till cyclocross. I am focusing on 'cross, and hoping to be at peak fitness in October or so. However, I signed up for a gran fondo in the third week of September. It is a 100 mile gravel ride, with about 9700’ of climbing(!!). My only goal for the fondo is just to finish it feeling good. It’s in my home town and it’s going to be a super fun event. Any tips or warnings about doing that ride in the middle (or at the end) of my training plan for 'cross?

Also: I commute to work on the bike a few days a week; each trip is about 6 miles/25 minutes. Should I try to stay in an easy aerobic zone for my commute, so I don’t interfere with the plan’s workouts? Or just ride normally?

Thanks in advance!

For the Fondo you will want to have an off day two days out and an easier day the day before. Maybe some 4 x 1 minute full gas efforts, which can double as openers and a quick cross workout. Then you may need two days rest afterwards. Ideally the fondo is on a Saturday, can do an easy ride Sunday, off Monday and continue the plan on Tuesday. It’s harder than the typical weekend long ride in the plan so may just want to have a bit of an easier day before than the plan will have.

If you get your normal workout / ride in that does not include your commute just take your commute easy. Even zone 1 is fine as you have already completed your training and extra time is just adding extra fatigue. You should avoid riding over zone 2 so you don’t interfere with your workouts.


Great info, thank you!

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Thought I would add a quick follow up in case anyone else considers adding a fondo or similar event into their 'cross plan. OUCH!! The fondo itself was awesome; I felt great and finished feeling strong and passed about a dozen people on the final climb. My CTL wasn’t too high to begin with (around 48), and two days after the fondo my form was still negative 65! I felt slow all week, couldn’t hit the numbers in my workouts, and floundered in my 'cross race the following weekend.

Would I do it again? Definitely! But it took a full week to recover (for me anyway). Cheers all, thanks coaches!!

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Absolutely! That is something one on one coaching or even our coaching subscription can help plan for and around. When you put in a huge TSS day like that you do need time to recovery and just hitting your head against the wall trying to complete interval does not help. The boost of fitness you can get with that fondo after proper recovery is good as well thought! But now you know and can plan better next year! Glad you had fun as that is what it is all about!

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