Worried about slow (if any) progress. What to do?

Hi, I have been following your 32 week off season plan, since November.

I have been following the plan quite strictly, and it has gone pretty easy.

Now, when I look at my statistics on Training Peaks, I am unfortunately not seeing any progress. My CTL is still low (67) . It was 64 when starting this program in November. (in July it was 100 )

I am getting a bit worried, as I should be riding a 300 km event with my team at 32 km/h speed (on a really hilly route) in July. I’ve also signed up to three 130 km gravel races with my team to name few.
As the 300 km is on a very hilly route and I’m not (when looking at my Training Peaks stats) very convinced that this plan will take me there.

What do you suggest?
At the moment I’m on an intermediate plan. (should I upgrade?)

I took the FTP test on trainer in November. Should I take a new test earlier than what is on the plan? (I took the first test on a trainer as the weather conditions did not allow riding outside. I was a bit disappointed with the result, as My FTP had dropped from 217 to 207)

I am 51 years old. My kids are 18 and 21, and my husband supports my training fully. I’m doing my fulltime job mostly at home and I can fix the hours very flexibly.


HI @Johku - I think if you are following the plan and making all the workouts turn green are have nothing to worry about.

I would judge your progress by your power output and sensations on the bike. Are you feeling good on your Saturday rides? Feel your endurance improving with each longer ride?

The plan does have you doing another test and I think that’s where you’ll see the improvement from the first test.

If you’d like a coach to take alook at your data we’d be happy to as well,

Thanks for fast reply.

What would “coach having a look at my data” mean in practise?

Would I be able to talk to him, or will I just get the comments written here on this public Forum? How much would it cost?

There is no group rides for me in the winter, as we have had 50 cm snow and it has been - 15 - 25 celsius degrees… So I’ve ridden zwift or skiied cross country. On those I can’t really compare the sensations and feeling, as those are quite new to me.

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