Questions about executing workouts

Hi FasCat coaches,

I’m on the Weights+Base Intermediate plan, and I’m wondering about a couple points of how to properly execute:

  • For weight lifting, I’m now in the Strength phase, and following the guidelines for % of 1RM. While the weights are difficult, I’m not reaching failure on any of the sets. Should a 6RM weight be the goal for these strength sets, indicating I should increase the weight?

  • On the Sprint Intervals, I can hit the target power on all the sprints, but I’d say the RPE starts at a 7 and increases to 10 in each set of four. If I give it a 10 RPE effort on all four, the power is ~30% over-goal on the first but ~20% under-goal by the fourth. Does either approach produce a better adaptation?



Thanks for asking!

So to start out during our lifting program we do not have athletes going to failure on any of the lifts outside of the 1RM. After the Hypertrophy phase the strength phase does often feel easy, but gains are still being made. Stick to the plan there. If you are second guessing your weight then you can try a 1RM again but make sure it is in an opportune place.

Then for the sprints keep in mind this is an early season training plan so you do not need these to be 10 on the RPE scale all the way through. These sprints are designed to target recruitment, so hit the first acceleration all out to get the gear going and then from there follow the target.


Thanks, that helps a lot!

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