Pyramid of Power Workout

Really enjoying the indoor 6 week program. There is one workout that isn’t built out and is very complex. Third week on Thursday. I just spent a lot of time building it myself (think I got it right…)

As a suggestion, you might want to build this in TP workout builder.

Keep up the good work. Cheers

Warm up well for 10 minutes in Zone 2. Then do the following:
10sec Sprint @ >150% FTP, 50sec Easy Spin
20sec @ Zone 6, 40sec Easy Spin
30sec @ Zone 5, 30sec Spin
40sec @ FTP, 20sec Spin
50sec @ Sweet Spot, 10sec Easy Spin
1min @ Tempo
3min Rest
Reverse up the Ladder back up. Rest for 5 minutes. Then repeat. Rest of ride Zone 2 and cool down.

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Hey @njtroia

Thanks for the heads up on this. Sorry for the inconvenience of creating your own workout builder.
I have updated that in our plans, so thank you!

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Another correction in this plan. The sweet spot 3x8 smash is actually programmed at 3x6. Don’t worry I did 8minutes :wink:


ha wouldn’t expect any less of you!

Thanks, have that typo corrected