Punctured lung recovery

Managed to take a pretty hard slam on day 5 of the BC Bike Race last week and am now nursing 5 broken ribs and a punctured lung.

Not fishing for sympathy since all things considered I’m feeling pretty good and sleeping ok.

But… if there’s any crowd wisdom tips on recovering wisely from something like this, please share! Planning on taking it very easy as long as needed.

Did you collapse the lung? (you’ll be in the hospital with a tube in your side for 3-4 days draining it).

I did collapsed lung (60% collapsed) and 6-9 ribs back in 2014. 4 days in a hospital bed. I’ve done ribs lots of times.

  1. Don’t overeat like I did.
  2. Get a complete protein daily (protein drink with the right amount of amino acids (I think 14) that the body absorbs. The body makes the other 6). Not all protein sources have all of these and in the right balance. An egg is the most complete natural source. But, the fat… I took a protein drink to supplement my regular protein. Healed up the bones and muscles in 2/3 the time. Docs were amazed, especially for an old man.
  3. Ribs depend on the pain. Doc will tell you how long before you can hit the road. Hit the trainer first.
  4. DO ALL the deep breathing exercises!!! (the hand-held thing you blow into as hard as you can). Ribs FLOAT and will heal nice and fully-in-place with the exercises. This means full lung capacity.

Good luck!


I remember it hurt when I laughed. I recommend not watching any funny movies for a while.