Optimizing nutrition during a longer injury recovery

Hey Coaches! Well, I finally had my first crash with real injuries. Looking at potentially 3 months off, maybe with some light spinning at most near the tail end of the healing, maaaaybe. Seeking advice and guidelines for nutrition, to make sure I give my meat-suit what it needs to both minimize my idiot body self-cannibalizing muscle during this time AND avoid gaining 15 lbs during the healing downtime :confounded:.

I’d really appreciate some macro guidelines to try to maintain body comp and maybe some vegan friendly foods or supplements that could help with bone healing. I’ll be calorie tracking during this time and have added a calcium/D supplement (recommended for osteoporosis prevention so I figure it’s applicable here.


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Hey Chad,
So sorry to hear about your crash. I know it probably feels like a long time, but 3 months will be over before you know it!

To maintain muscle mass, I would opt for a diet that is roughly 40-45% carbs and 20-25% protein and 30-35% fat.

Being vegan will make it a bit harder to up your protein intake (I would aim for no less than 100g per day), but it is definitely doable by including tofu, plant based protein powders if you like those, quinoa, peanut butter, edamame, beans, etc.

Also include potassium rich foods as potassium helps to prevent calcium loss and higher intakes are associated with higher bone mineral density. Good sources of potassium include: potatoes, dark leafy greens like kale, tomatoes, dried fruits (especially apricots), winter squash and avocado.

Magnesium, Vitamin C & Vitamin K are also pretty important for bone health, but as a vegan/vegetarian I am pretty confident you get enough of that in your diet :slight_smile:

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Perfect! Thanks @Lacey_Rivette for TFP for me to F :sunglasses:
Good to have the fascat team behind me, I know I’ll have all the strategies I need to roll thru this mess and it’s a huge confidence boost.


HA, i see what you did there! Took me a minute to figure out what you meant ! :joy:

But yes, we are here cheering you on!
And you know, sometimes injuries are a blessing in disguise. They make us slow down and think about what our training goals are, how we can be better athletes off of the bike and in a lot of cases provide us with extra motivation to come back faster and stronger!

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