Staggered Yoglo and TP codes?

Hi there, I have a few of your plans (sweetspot 3 and indoor/outdoor). I’ve decide to go all in for now and next year and get 18 weeks of Sweetspot, Sweetspot part4 and Intervals for criteriums to build out my training plan. My question is as it’s 3 different plans can I use the 60 days of yoga 3 times and the TP 30 days of premium 3 times?

Also does this sound like a good plan?

Cheers Jamie

Hey @jamie.bishop !

Unfortunately, the trainingpeaks 60 day Premium and yogaglo 30 day are one time use only.

You can however, use the code “2020FasCat” to upgrade your TrainingPeaks account . If you do the yearly membership, it comes out to $100/yr or $8 a month… which isnt too shabby :slightly_smiling_face:

That plan for training sounds great! SS part 4 is perfect for following after SS’s 1-3 and the intervals for criteriums will hone in on the race specific adaptations you need closer to competition!

Looking forward to hearing how your training turns out and hope to hear that you were able to #FtFP :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: