Preparing for SBT gravel in August - what plan to do in July

Hi - I am finishing up my SS #18 plan and am going to the Oregon Trail gravel 5 day stage race next Wed-Sunday. I finish SS#18 the first week of July.

What should I do next? SS#4 or the SBT gravel plan?

I appreciate your help - got 6th at C02UT and 5th at Wild West gravel since starting SS#18:)

Cheers - Mark

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Heck yea Mark! Way to FtFP and congrats on the stellar race finished - well earned.
To prepare for SBT, I would do the SBT plan. If you have races after that, you could do SS part 4 if there is enough time in your schedule.

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Thanks - Just got 9th in the final stage of the Oregon Gravel grinder in 106 degree heat yesterday - finished somewhere top 15 on GC:)

Ok I will go into my SBT gravel plan - once I get back to CA on Wednesday - will take today and tomorrow off/AR as it was a hard 5 days of racing and it certainly doesn’t help that it is a mass start with Peter Stetina and the rest of the pro women and men which makes for a fast first 30 miles!

I appreciate your help and look forward to SBT gravel in August:) Are you doing that race?

Cheers - mark

We will be there in the expo @mark.newton

Come by and say hi. Before then watch our course and power analysis video here:

Great - thanks for the video link --I will swing by to say hi. I’m only doing the 100 mile and agree that it is legit:)

Cheers - Mark

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