SBT Gravel Training Blocks

Hi everyone,
I need help on planning my training plans for SBT Gravel in August. Right now I´m on the 18wk Sweet Spot (1, 2 and 3), ending it early April. In April I´m doing a road stage race (master) and late April a Gran Fondo.
What should I do next before the specific SBT Gravel Plan? Hill Climb Intervals or Gravel Intervals?

My main event is SBT, but in late July (maybe early August) I have another stage race (4 days), should I go to this race or stick to FtFP with the SBT Gravel Plan?

Thanks for your kind help and advice.

You should do some intervals! Get in that higher intensity now which will help with the racing. We actually have a stage race interval plan which would be great to do once you complete the 18 week sweet spot plan.

You might then circle back to the middle 6 weeks of the 18 week plan (sweet spot 2) to build some base back up before starting with the Steamboat gravel plan.

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Jake is right - there is 10,000 feet of climbing in the SBTG Black course so performing hill climb intervals for the six weeks prior to do the Gravel Plan is going to help you go from bottom to the top faster!

Thanks Jake and Frank, for sure I will get the hill climbing intervals plan once the SS ends.

What about racing a stage race 15 to 10 days before SBT and in the middle of the SBT Gravel Plan?
Do it or not?

Thanks again.

Your stage race COULD be perfectly timed before SBTG if:

You get the appropriate overload from the stage race

If you design in a taper following the stage race leading into SBTG.

I think if you re-listen to the timing is everything podcast you’ll hear how we mention using a stage race as a great to apply an overload, taper and peak for your goal event.

Thanks @FRANK.
Looking foward to meeting you guys at SBT. I´m coming from Guatemala.

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