Postponning my season start

Bonjour from France !

I’m 25 and I’ve started road racing last year, but all the cat upgrade were frozen due to covid, so this year I was planning to start my road season early (first C race on february 28) with a big base to upgrade quickly and kipping some margin to tapered and be competitive in the next category.

I’m currently on the 18 wk of SS (intermediate) with added Z2 to have a 2h training during the week, peak was planned at 93 CTL on the 21th of march and I was planning to switch from base to race on march 29 with Crit intervals and then do RR in season plan.
However, here in France racing is not yet allowed due to Covid, so I’ll have to wait until May (maybe longer) to start my season. The season can be quite long (ending in October) and the usual routes are around 80km/2h long.

So my question is should I drive my peak CTL higher with SS part 4 ?
I’ve found that the SS4 intermediate is quite low in TSS/time on the bike and will drop my CTL to quickly, maybe I should try the advance plan as I don’t want to be the group ride hero in April.

Thanks for all the plan,
SS is working great, FTP went from 238 post break to 277 (4.7w/kg) last week, already 16w higher than last year PR


Bonjour ca va? (my limited Francais :slight_smile:

I think so yes and since you are only 25 I think you can handle the volume especially if you’ve completed our 18 weeks of Sweet Spot. And remember, the goal of sweet spot 4 is not to raise your CTL but to increase your power output!

After SST Part 4 then do your Crit Intervals and Road plan and you’ve effectively shifted your form forward 6 weeks and raised your power another 5-10%

Bon chance! et #FtFP :wink:


Thanks for the reply.

I’ve already purchased the SS4 intermediate plan on your last Cyber Monday Sale.
@Lacey_Rivette could you please bump up my SS Part4 to advance so I can continue to FtFP for 6 more weeks ?

Thanks :wink:

Current training status: Enjoying the recovery week with a new HRV and RHR personnal best after only 2 days off, 4 more weeks before the end of the 18wks SS plan, full review incoming…


More than happy to bump you up Blaise! Just swapped you to the advanced plan, so be on the lookout for the email to accept it.

Way to nail that recovery week too!! Soaking in the hard work for sure :muscle:t3:
We are looking forward to hearing how the rest of your 18 weeks of sweet spotting goes!

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