Post SS Training Plan for Tour de California Alps (Death Ride)


I plan to do the Tour de California Alps aka Markleeville Death Ride in July but instead of the Hill Climb Training Plan I was going to use the one for Triple Bypass. Would you recommend one over the other? My plan is to do the Triple Bypass in 2021 so this was my way of using one plan for two similar events.


Yea, that could work - both focus on threshold climbing so you can’t go wrong with either. Bear in mind The Triple plan is designed for July 12 so if your event date is not July 12th it will be off.

Thanks Frank. The Death Ride is July 11th, so should be close enough, but if both are relatively the same I think that I will go with the standard Hill Climb Workout since the dates are not tied to a specific event.


Oh perfect, can’t go wrong with either then. The Triple plan will work on your threshold climbing as well as ‘the long ride’ or simulation rides we talked about. The hill climbing interval plan hammers your threshold but not the long ride.

I’d go with the Triple for the CA Death Ride

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