Triple Bypass 2021

Good morning
I am planning to register for the Triple Bypass for 2021 (if they have it) and am interested in the strength training plan as well as the Triple Bypass training plan. I am a 62 year old male who has not done any formal weight training since high school and want to make sure I have done everything possible to complete the Triple Bypass. I am in decent shape at 6’1" and 190 lbs. Do you recommend the strength training plan at my age and if so, when should I begin? In addition, when should I start the Triple Bypass plan? Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Hi there @markgronemeyer - welcome to our coalition (community of cheetahs :wink:

For the Triple ByPass get on our 32 week off season plan and then do our 6 week Triple By Pass for the 6 weeks prior the event date:

At 62 years, you are a young buck! I know of several athlete 70+ that have successfully completed our weight training plan. Begin that now per the 32 week plan above. In there you will have a chance to test how much you can lift and thereafter all the amount of lifting is set to you individually. So there’s no risk of being asked to lift too much relative to someone else.

Hope that helps and fingers cross for the Triple next year :crossed_fingers: