Post-Covid plan

I posted last month about Covid and boy, it was a doozy. First week of august was my isolation and I waited ten days from the last day of symptoms to ease into training. I followed the [graduated return to play protocol](,sport%20in%20a%20stepwise%20fashion.&text=Before%20considering%20GRTP%2C%20the%20athlete,without%20excessive%20fatigue%20or%20breathlessness.) from this peer reviewed journal.

My conditioning has plummeted. HR gets high quick and, after some intervals this week, followed through on my first CX race of the season this weekend. Again, conditioning is really off so I’m going to ease up in early season races and sprinkle in mid/late season

I’m wondering if CX intervals or 6 weeks to CX would be a better “mini camp” for the next six weeks through mid/late October. I’d likely still do the two races I’ve signed up for as part of the training, so it’s a simple add in.