Covid and returning to strength training

Hi Fascats

Unfortunately, I’ve come down with covid but thankfully symptoms are mild. I started week four of the 10 week strength training plan (first week of hypertrophy), completing the first two sessions. I’m likely to have missed two or three sessions. Just wondering if you could advise please? Do I just miss out those sessions and move on or do I try and fit them in?

Thank you as ever

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Hey @greenleys ,

I would just pick back up where you left off, if you were only sick for a week. If you missed more than a weeks worth of training, I might suggest you even repeat the last session or two you already did. Maintaining the sequence is important.

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What @CoachAndrew said ^^

Would add that you may want to perform a comeback Adaptation workout before you jump back in the deep end with the Hypertrophy Phase. Just because the Hypertrophy is really hard and you may want to warm up your legs with a more mild adaptation just to prep and verify physically that you are good to go forward.

Hope that helps!

Perfect both thank you