Plans for 80+ y/o?

This question is not for me, but for a friend that races TT in 80+ category. Wanted to introduce him to FasCat, but thinking even basic plans might have to much stress.

Any experience with this age group? How best to adjust? Add a rest day between Tuesday/ Wednesday workout? Then skip the Thursday workout? ( make 4 days a week).

Hey @njtroia - it is hard to say what he is capable of without knowing what he has carried for a training load in the past. My best advice would be for him to start out with SS part 1 if he has not followed structured training before and to combine that with our monthly coaching subscription so that a coach could go in once per month and adjust the volume and intensity a bit to match his needs. They would also be able to review his key workouts and see if the plan is too much or too little stress for him again, adjusting accordingly.
This would likely be done by reducing the weekend group rides, adding in an extra recovery day or reducing the intensity of the intervals if those were too taxing.

Now if he has built up a big base and is ready to start prepping for racing, he could opt for the same thing, but go with one of our time trial plans.

Thanks Lacey, we are on the same page.


That’s awesome that your friend is training and competing at 80+. Very inspirational!